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Here's my last post and a link to my pictures. Thanks for checking in and sorry for the circuitous route to find the blog!


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Wasn't That Andre Rieu?

We left Salzburg fairly early on Sunday for a two hour trip to Linz, third largest city in Austria, for a passing visit on the way to Vienna. Linz is a large industrial city on the brown (as our guide put it, "Only Johann Strauss thought it was blue.") Danube. We've been very fortunate so far in the choice of guides.


Mozart Slept Here

After the initial disappointment of entering Salzburg through the least attractive part of town, we were pleased to arrive at the Renaissance Hotel which turned out to be a very classy, modern place.  We ventured out Friday evening led by our fearless Collette guide, Dennis Sheehan, who is a chatty Irishman, a retired Boston history teacher filled with yarns about Austria's history and folklore.

Entering Old SalzburgEntering Old Salzburg


Bruise Increases Brainpower

My first mistake was standing up in the little tiny jet that took us to Dulles for our flight to Munich. I copped a bump on my noggin that required the cabin attendant to supply ice to reduce the swelling. I had this misfortune as I entered the plane in Rochester. It was mostly uphill from there. We made it to Dulles about twenty minutes ahead of time, piloted by a couple of young fellers who looked like they might still be in college.


Snowball's Chance is Swell

The WXXI Tour of the Music Capitals of Europe begins Thursday as we leave Rochester for Vienna. I'm hoping to provide some pictures of the group, some of our destinations and also provide some audio. What will emerge depends a lot on what I'm using to create the blog.  The pictures will be transferred from a Kodak Z1015 to my ASUS Eee microcomputer. I'm still working on using a BLUE 'Snowball' usb microphone to provide podcasting during the trip. I hope you can bookmark this page and check back occasionally to see how we're doing!

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