An Introspective Governor

Jean-Claude Brizard came straight from the airport to the WXXI studios this morning.

After asking him about the many challenges he faces taking over as Superintendent of the Rochester City School District, I asked him what he thinks the district's strengths are.

He talked about the outpouring of support he's getting from all corners - not just from people in the city, but from state representatives, suburban leaders, and local universities. Brizard says that's a good sign change can happen here.

While I was talking to Brizard, WXXI Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt was in Albany interviewing Governor Spitzer. She says he was more introspective than usual. We'll find out what she means on Friday.

I'll be talking to Karen, along with Joe Spector of Gannett News Service (and a former Democrat and Chronicle reporter). over the interconnect from Albany during "Need to Know." And you can catch my whole interview with Brizard too.

Need to Know airs Friday at 9 p.m. on WXXI-TV, Channel 21, Cable 11.