Between the Lines

"What are men compared to rocks and mountains?"

Jane Austen wasn't talking about the Super Bowl when she wrote that, but I imagine she might enjoy the prospect of her characters doing battle with the Packers and the Steelers this Sunday.

WXXI-TV is going up against the ratings juggernaut with a marathon of Masterpiece adaptations of three of her novels. We start with Emma at 12:30, followed by Persuasion at 4:45 and Sense & Sensibility at 6:30. If you haven't already seen the latter, this video will spoil some things for you but either way, it'll get you primed to enjoy everything that makes Jane great: the false starts and fair catches, the blind sides and incomplete passes, the roughing and the holding...




Elinor and Edward relive the

Elinor and Edward relive the drama today starting at 12:30pm.