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saccarin is a artificial sweetner and sex is the real thing so that's a bad analagy!


Hi, Gary,

You're absolutely right. To clarify, I'm equating the word "boring" with "mundane" and "simple." But hypnotic, too. Absorbing. Have you listened to Lauridsen's "Lux Aeterna?"

China Diary Audio

Lovely intro to your China Blog, which I've been reading casually as time allows and am enjoying immensely. Your Audio Blog was fun and very interesting. I performed Bruckner's Os Justi with Eastman-Rochester Chorus last season and really enjoyed it, in spite of it's sleepy tempo. I found it a very spiritually-charged composition and greatly enjoyed it. Congrats and mozelotov on the Choir Fest 3rd place win! That'll be one to tell the grandkids! FLCF is off to Chautauqua this Saturday to perform Beethoven's "Fantasia for Piano, Chorus, and Orchestra," a composition with depth and richness in its piano solos. I'm psyched. Blessings!