China likes us, they really like us!

The Erhu, from ChinaThe Erhu, from China
 In my hours of slaving over a hot computer every day, I came across two different views of how the Chinese are taking a liking to some of our art forms.  Apparently Western classical music is huge there, and so is...completely ripping off the styling of Western automobiles. 
ripped-off Rolls-Royceripped-off Rolls-Royce
I found this article about the rise of popularity in Western classical music to be quite interesting and inspiring.  I've yet to find contemporary classical music written by a Chinese composer that really grabs my ear, but it's intriguing that since the demise of the Cultural Revolution in 1979, at least 40 symphony orchestras have sprouted up.
Then I found this blog posting about Chinese knock-offs of popular Western automobiles.  This has nothing to do with classical music per se, but it does speak to a larger sense I get from current Chinese products that they lack, well, originality.  And of course, I read this blog about cars, uh, at home.  Listening to Brahms.  And thinking about classical music.  Right.
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