Closing Ceremony

On Monday morning, the Rochester Oratorio Society served as the greeting choir for the closing ceremony of the China International Chorus Festival. During the rehearsal, held backstage about ten minutes before we performed, conductor Eric Townell learned ROS had won third place, among 47 choirs. He seemed quite pleased.

My thanks to Helen Haller for taking pictures of this last performance in Beijing. These are her photos, taken at the Beijing Exhibition Hall, an impressive forty year-old hall, educational center, and planetarium. (In my previous post about the Forbidden City concert, you'll see her photos, too.) You can see a bigger version of each photo by clicking on it.

First, we warmed up backstage. Then a Chinese woman overheard us singing the traditional Kang Ding song, and she jumped right in.

Eric Townell waits backstage in a Chinese blue silk jacket. You can see the trophies for the competition winners in the background.

This group shot was taken right after we sang.



What a big, BIG week for you all!!!

CONGRATS on your success at the Festival! You know, I really like what I take to be the Festival logo: red-orange music staff and yellow writing in both Mandarin and English, all on a brown background. Would seem appropriate for ROS to use it in your publications and website, at least for a while.

Have you heard anything at all, or seen anyone from Fairport High School there??? Bill Tiberio was to take a jazz group to the same festival, I thought. I hope they too have done well and enjoyed themselves.

Have a fine second week and a safe return to the USA.


Congratulations ROS 3ed place. With all those countries
You should be very proud Travel safe and have a wonderful time.
Love to all


Hi Brenda,
You all seem to having a great time. Enjoy ever moment I remember
when I traveled with ROS The trip goes so fast.
Take lots of pictures. Can't wait to see them.
Travel safe
Love to all fellow singers
Marianne Yahn


Hi Brenda
What is that thing Eric has on????

Eric's silk jacket

Hi, Marianne!

It's a silk jacket. Dark blue. Chinese style.


You make us proud!


First a hello to all the ROS singers and Eric. Thanks so much Brenda for creating this blog. Your descriptions of the concert at the Forbidden City were wonderful; I almost felt like I was there...(I am in spirit!) Congratulations on receiving 3rd place in the competion. You are making us all very proud to be a part of ROS. Please continue to have a safe journey and enjoy the rest of the trip!

Jill Traver

Choir Festival

Congrats & mozeltov to all!! Did you'all FINALLY get new uniform performance dresses for all? The women look very uniform and lovely. Regardless of Marianne's sentiments, I love traditional Chinese silk garb and think the blue silk becomes him.
Sue Wemett, ERC, FLCF