Congratulations to Bob Laird

He wrote the judges’ favorite entry in a caption contest.

“Hey, waddya say we march down the garden path together and audition?”

Other top choices included runners-up,

“Just think, once we're through with all of these Sousa practices and performances, we can relax like this for the rest of the summer. July 4th can't get here soon enough!”
- by Julie Levy

And Julia Figueras’ pick by Nicholas Gurewitch:

"(rest symbol)"

Thank you to everyone who submitted captions. All entrants will receive an inconsequential knick-knack. Please send your street address to btremblay(at), and I will mail you your prize.



Inconsequential Knick-Knack

bob laird's picture

I am greatly honored, I think. On my windowsill, I have cleared a prominent space for the knick-knack. I just hope it will be the right color.

But if not, that will be of no great consequence.

bob laird

Hi Bob,

Thanks for all of your fun, creative captions! Where should I send it?



bob laird's picture


My address is:

Bob Laird
7227 Sprongs Bluff
Sodus, NY 14551

I hope you have described the award correctly as a knick-knack.
If it turns out instead to be a trifle, I shall be a trifle disappointed.


bob laird

I mailed it today.

Thank you, Bob, for all of your funny and creative comments. Enjoy your thingy!


my 2 cents

I vote for the runner-up (rest symbol)! Maybe next time you could make it a readers' pick contest? Just for variety?