Don't squeeze the Charmin and don't read the books, either

A friend of mine snapped this picture yesterday at a local antiques co-op.  The shelf behind the hand-written sign was lined with well-worn children's books of no particular value.  At first, my friend thought the seller must be an incredible book snob to post such a notice. Then he had another thought, that the books might contain material some might find offensive.  If I'd been there, I would have asked the seller directly.  Other theories?


Maybe safety concerns?

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Here's an additional theory:

Recently many thrift stores have stopped selling toys for children due to laws about lead testing.  Rather than pay costly fees to test the products before they are sold, they've just done away with the sections.

Perhaps something like this is to blame.  They are at risk if they sell a childrens book and it's dusty, dirty, and dangerous for children... Instead, if they post clearly that it's for collecting purposes, they can avoid legal issues about the safety of the thing that you're buying.

As a board game collector, myself, I'd prefer that other thrift/charity/second-hand stores would follow this path when it comes to games rather than get rid of them...