Expanding my blog

As some of my readers know, in addition to being the Program Director for Classical 91.5 FM, I am also the Program Director for WXXI Reachout Radio, a radio reading/audio information service for people who are print-handicapped, due to visual impairment or physical disability. 
As more Reachout Radio listeners are getting online, I have been asked to broaden the perspective of my blog to occasionally include information about Reachout Radio and issues of interest to Rochester's print-handicapped community.  So from time to time, you may find some information here that crosses into new territory.  If you're interested, I hope you'll read it.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, I hope you'll check it out and find out more about this wonderful service that WXXI provides to Rochester's print-handicapped community. You can also find out more about Reachout Radio on our website at wxxi.org/reachout or on our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/profile.php where you can become a fan.  Thanks for reading and keeping in touch!