Forget the Silver Lining

The word "greenology" has not made it into any dictionary yet, but I'm guessing it's only a matter of time. Google it. It's already becoming a cliche on the World Wide Web.

There are greenology sites that explain all things green, and there are a number of businesses jumping on the green wagon by calling themselves names like Greenology Plant Care. My favorite is a link to a t-shirt:

Greenology could also become a political approach that could be used when the economy is lousy, the budget is in the red, your favored projects appear to be flailing, you've lost a lawsuit, and controversy surrounds several recent actions taken by local lawmakers belonging to your political party.

Here's how it could work: Deliver a speech on Earth Day, which is coming up next Tuesday. Make sure you are standing in a green building, like one at Rochester Institute of Technology. And talk about the many green things happening in your municipality.

Forget the silver lining. Greenology is where it's at these days.

By the way, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks will deliver her State of the County address on Tuesday, April 22nd at RIT. WXXI-AM 1370 will carry it live, beginning at 7 p.m.





Thanks for the mention of our website, I think "greenology" should become a term, as it is becoming a way of life for many people.

I read that over 90 percent of school children are exposed to environmental discussions as part of their curriculums across the country, sothe green movement is obviously going to start from the young -- then up to the older generations. I think that is what has happened to recycling, 100% organic clothing and to eco-activism.

Tomorrow is Earth Day and hopefully record numbers of people will enjoy and bask in the Planet Earth and try to keep it suitable for future generations.

Greenology Forever!

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