I'm caving to peer pressure

I promised myself I wouldn't do this.  I said: "Chris, if you do a blog for WXXI, you will not post any cute cat videos, or follow any Internet fads.  No Dancing Hamsters!" said I.
But alas, after seeing the video below on my most-respected arts-news-aggregator, ArtsJournal, I figured I'd cave to peer pressure and share with you a video that simultaneously breaks the cute cat and musical critter rules by which I have so vigilantly sought to abide (almost as closely as not ending sentences with prepositions).
So, faithful readers, I present to you the CATcerto.  One part Keyboard Cat, one part John Cage, one hundred-percent shameful blog fodder:  


Well, it happens to the best

Well, it happens to the best of us...........and it's neither dancing hamsters............or cat videos.......cute or otherwise. So I think you're ahead of the game! And, may I mention there's no car crashes or near death experiences. Or UFOs. I think you're doing quite well!