Interview with Eric Townell

Click on the attachment to hear an interview with conductor Eric Townell about last night's opening ceremony of the 9th China International Chorus Festival. In these pictures, you see the Inner Mongolia Hohhot Children's Palace Children's Palace, the Rochester Oratorio Society, the grand finale, and members of ROS posing with other singers.

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Looks like 'Chinese Idol.'

Looks like 'Chinese Idol.'

Dear Frank,

Yes. Luckily, Simon's not here.


Thanks for the fabulous coverage and feedback


Kudos for the fabulous photos taken at your first gig. What a spectacular stage setting. ROS looked great. I was also impressed by the colorful costuming of the other choirs. It was so nice to hear your voices as you interviewed Eric. Thanks for taking so much of your time to send these messages and photos - it is so appreciated. Jo Ann

Conductor interview, photos, Inter-High Choir?

Thank you for the conductor interview and the photos, including the one of my sister Mary.
I've been wondering if any of your members (or blog readers) sang in the Rochester Inter-High Choir in the early '60s under George Corwin. I did for about three years and remember singing "Stomp Your Foot" and the accompanist (Miss McLaughlin?) doing a great job, too. We also took a trip—to the MENC (Music Educators' National Conference) in Atlantic City, NJ, in February. Two of the highlights of our performance there were the humming chorus from Madam Butterfly ("sing ah with your mouth closed") and "Drop, Drop Slow Tears" by somebody. The tears would pour down Mr. Corwin's cheeks as we sang that one.

Enjoying the ROS trip to China

Brenda, Eric and all: Greetings from our little lake in Maine. Whilst watching the sun set over the White Mountains your Blog from China came up on Jack's computer. Obviously you're all having a wonderful time and making those of us who were unable to attend exceptionally proud. Kudos, accolades and best wishes for the rest of the tour. Paula

George Corwin Roch inter high choir

I sang in the inter-high choir 1961,1962. George Corwin was our voice teacher at John Marshall High School. He was absolutely inspiring. Learned much more than music from him.

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Thank you so much for doing this blog, however I was wondering if it might be possible to get higher resolution pictures? Even as an attachment it would be great. I was looking for my Dad in the ROS pix, and I couldn't find him because of the pixels.


Sorry the pictures aren't bigger. They're limited by the blog's capabilities. The originals are huge files. Tell me your dad's name and I will take his picture and put it up for you. ;)


That would be great, thank you so much. Both my mom and dad are there. Dad is a singer, their last name is Schoenly. Hope your all having fun. Can not wait to see if you can find them.