It's Been Too Long!

It has been too long since I have added some content to the volunteer blog. No excuses except a bit of vacation and some down time due a plain old fashioned cold.

It has also been too long for you, the reader who has been considering becoming a WXXI volunteer, to come forth and sign up. I know it is hard to decide upon which of the many places you should be giving your valuable time, so let us help you with that decision! Give one of our membership and volunteer personnel a call at (585) 258-0200 and schedule a visit to WXXI. Mention that you are considering becoming a volunteer. You will get a personal tour of the facilities and an introduction to the many facets of volunteering at WXXI.

Do you have a teenager (17 or older) or a college student that needs to put in some volunteer time this summer? Have them come down and check out the great ways that they can be helping out Public Television and Radio and have a lot of fun while doing it. Make sure you come along too.

The May Radio Drive went beautifully. The Volunteer Leadership Council did a great job of recruiting drive volunteers and the radio listeners did great too as we met and exceeded the goal. Thanks to Drive Leader Jim Sheldon and his crew and all of the volunteers who staffed the telephones throughout the drive.

It has also been too long since any of the readers of this blog have commented on the content, format, or any other part of it. Blogs are not just for the writer! This writer needs input so I can cover subjects that you want to hear and learn about.

That's all for now. Let's hear from you. It's getting lonely out here in Cyberspace!



Yes, I read the Blog

Richard wanted to see if anyone was out here reading his stuff. Or anyone's stuff.
So, yes, I am here. And I appreciate the work you've done, Richard.
I do enjoy reading about past successes and our upcoming ventures.

Another thing, I really appreciated being included on distribution for Norm's Newsletter last week. Don't know if this is the correct forum for such a comment, but, I'll mention it here.
Did everyone see it? Was everyone included? Just the 'VLC'?

Let's see if I can get this thing to add now.

PS Hey, I didn't know I had to go get my reading glasses for the 'CAPTCHA' password. Let's try again.