Leap Year Day

I've never given much thought to the extra day that gets tagged onto February every 4 years. Yeah, it's sort of exciting because it is different and for that one day you get to write a date is somewhat rare, but other than that it is exactly how I described it above- an extra day tagged onto the end of February.

Then my mom sent me a link (you have no idea how impressed I am that my mom even knows how to send a link) to a site named Leap Year Day and I had an epiphany: Leap Year Day must be quite the ordeal for someone that was born on February 29.

Take a few minutes to read the calendar on the Leap Year Day webpage and it really makes you start thinking about the challenges of having a Leap Year Day birthday- issues with having the correct/incorrect date on your driver's license or birth certificate, battles with insurance companies regarding your DOB or age and other obstacles. Who knew?

Not only is Leap Year Day fun to read and think about, it also lends itself to many classroom or home learning opportunities. Start planning now so you can have fun with math problems as well as exploring why we have Leap Year in the first place. And to any readers who happen to have that rarest of birth dates, Happy Early Leap Year Birthday!