Lessons from the News

More often than not, when discussing news and current events in relation to children, we hear about the negative impact that news reports can have. Like all programs, movies or books, content can be positive or negative in nature.

Rather than dwell on the negative, yesterday I was struck by a few news stories that would make for interesting discussions with kids. Mind you, there were plenty of negative, disturbing and downright depressing articles that also graced the cover and homepages of various news outlets, but I couldn't help but note the positive potential of the following article:

Co-workers Who Drive You Crazy
This article discusses the various annoying habits and office faux pas activities that we adults often commit or experience while at work. It's interesting to note that we expect our kids to be able to go to school and get along with their peers but yet we, as adults, often struggle to get along with our co-workers.

If little Joey came home complaining about his neighbor tapping his pencil all day, we would most likely tell him to ignore it or maybe move away from Billy when possible. But when we have to deal with a coffee slurper at work, suddenly its office drama. The bottom line is this: learn to ignore the minor stuff, talk with the person when appropriate and know when to go to the boss (which, is only for serious counterproductive and inappropriate activities).

What a powerful opportunity to discuss social skills with your children. If you can relate situations from your life at work and deal with them in a positive manner, then you have a veritable arsenal of things to discuss with your children when someone is bothering them at school. After all, isn't the point that we all learn to get along?