Letters to the Editor

I am almost addicted to reading the Democrat & Chronicle's editorial section online. Other than checking out the headline stories and maybe a few interestingly titled blogs, I normally head straight to the editorial section to read the topic of the day and to read through the letters to the editor.

For me, reading last week's editorials was particularly interesting and extremely disheartening at the same time. I had looked forward to reading a guest editorial by Jim Coffey (MCC professor, Presdent 292-BABY) and and Amy Baker (early childhood researcher and author) regarding the importance of attachment for all children and the long term implications of inadequate care for infants and toddlers.

After reading this guest essayist column regarding attachment, I was shocked, dare I say appalled, at some of the responses that D&C readers posted. While there were a few supportive postings, most of the responses expressed thoughts such as "if you're a bad parent, then whose fault is that?" or "why should we help anyone else- to each their own troubles" and "we're sick of handouts and community resources being used for people who can't straighten themselves out, we need a revolution." Wow.

Hence, my above mentioned feelings of anger and of being disheartened.

But, today I stumbled upon a past D&C editorial by Candice Crayon, a RCSD student at the School of Imaging & Information Technology at Edison and D&C teen council member. She summed up many of my thoughts in a succinct and thoughtful manner that I felt was worth sharing: If We Accept What is Happening, We Can Save the Community.

Enjoy reading Ms. Crayon's editorial. For such a young writer, she certainly has a promising and meaningful future ahead of her. I hope that the D&C readers who posted such hateful and vehement thoughts last week have the opportunity to absorb Crayon's comments in the future.