Market Day

Members of the Rochester Oratorio Society and their families spent a morning at the Panjiayuan Market, the largest flea market in China.

I asked some of the singers and their relatives, "What did you buy?"

"I bought a teapot in the shape of a lotus flower. It's green. The feet are little fish and the lid is the seedpod. All the little things move." -Sue
"I ate some dried fruit. Pineapple. It was delicious. But when I got back to the hotel, I chucked it. I think it upset my stomach." - Carole

"I couldn't take the cigarette smoke and burning incense. It stung my eyes. I went back to the bus." - Mickey

"I didn't buy anything." -Monica

"I bought a lantern and a little Chinese doll. It's very cute."

"Not a thing. I went to the park." - Andy

"Dan didn't like the market. He hates crowds." - Lorraine
"I felt claustrophobic. Too many people crowded into a small space." - Dan

"I bought a five-legged crab. Dirt cheap. Made of brass with gold claws. I told the man there's no such thing. It's inaccurate. He said 'I only made 300 of these.' That was the fun thing." - Ida



Thanks for more photos and chorus quotes

Hi Brenda,

Your photos, chorus quotes and mp3 reports have been just fantastic. I feel like I have been following you every day. Have a safe train ride to Shanghai - I understand that four will share each train cabin -- that's what I call togetherness. Please pass on my greetings to everyone. Love, Jo Ann

Great Pictures and Wonderful Reflections!!

ROSers, and Brenda especially, thanks so much for sharing your experiences and impressions with us. Not only are you truly being goodwill and cultural ambassadors there in China, but you are carrying some of their spirit back home to us. We appreciate it! "You're doin' Rochester proud!" Hope you're counting all the sweat and singing very worthwhile. . . my love & prayers, RevSandyLemke


Hi Brenda

What fun to read your blog, and Carl and Mickey's, every day. Love the pictures. Say HI to my friend Liz

Safe travels

Bev Reynolds

the market

Thanks so much for the picture of my Mom and Dad. They look hot, but happy! You are the best thing for us stuck at home, wondering how the trip is going. My brother and I read your blog and Micky and Carl's blog everyday!!! Can't wait to for you all to go to your next destination! Have fun on the train!
S. Wagner