The Met on pay per view

Movies, radio, satellite, PBS, and now . . . pay per view.

Starting in January, The Metropolitan Opera will offer pay per view through a deal with In Demand. Read more here:

On another operatic note, Bryant Manning, a music stringer at the Chicago Sun-Times and Time Out Chicago sent an e-mail to the NEA Fellows I met in New York last month. He writes:

“Yesterday I interviewed the Russian baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky, and
he voluntarily brought up Renee Fleming. When we were in NY, Ms.
Fleming was lambasted by some as a terrible and overrated singer. So
for entertainment purposes, I thought *some* of you might be surprised
he said this:

'Renee Fleming is probably one of the most inspiring sopranos I've
ever worked with. The production of Eugene Onegin actually proved
that she is one of the most serious musicians and actresses that exist
in our time. My whole life I've been looking to find the perfect
Tatiana, and she is it.'

High praise I'd say for a Russian to be saying that of an American!”

Bryant says I can pass this tidbit on to you as long as I remind you to check the
Chicago Sun-Times on Sunday for his whole article!

Watch her sing here: