Move Over Mr(s) President

Iowa. New Hampshire. Right now, Election 2008 seems to be all about The Presidency and voters in other places.

That's not true, however, if you live in the Rochester region. Putting the Presidential race aside for a minute, let's talk about Congress.

As they did in 2006, voters in this area of the country could play a key role in November because of our Congressional delegation: Randy Kuhl, Tom Reynolds, Louise Slaughter, and James Walsh.

If we take Rep. Slaughter out of the mix, we are left with three Republicans who are on the national Democrats' radar. Close races in 2006 mean the Democrats are considering pouring even more money into these districts in hopes of ousting the established incumbents.

Walsh says he's not worried. In fact, when I interviewed him this morning, he said it's too early to talk about the elections. However, his voting record has moved closer to the center this past year, and he's now calling for a loose timetable (end of '08) to get the troops out of Iraq.

You can watch the interview on this Friday's Need to Know, right after an in-studio interview with Louise Slaughter. Walsh says the 110th Congress has not accomplished much this year - and Democrat Slaughter is one of the most powerful leaders in that Congress. I'll get her take on it.

If you feel like New York voters are being left out of Election 2008 right now, then I urge you to pay attention to what's happening in our neck of the woods.

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