Mr. Rogers for President

The much beloved Mr. Rogers is dead and gone, but the man continues to make news. Yesterday I found the article 15 Reasons Mr. Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever on CNN's homepage, and decided to have a read.

There was no preface as to why CNN chose to print the article yesterday or any mention of a related story or current event. It was not his birthday nor the observance of his death nor the anniversary of the first Mr. Rogers Neighborhood show. Apparently they decided to print a positive, feel good article just for the sake (gasp!) spreading cheer? Goodwill? Warm fuzzies?

I don't know whey they printed it, but you know what? I felt good after reading it. Plain and simple, it was nice to read about a genuinely honest, caring person and to be reminded that we all have the power to positively influence others with even the smallest gesture or word.

Wouldn't it be nice if politicians- and our next president- could instill the hope and goodwill in us that the host of a children's show inspired?