music news miscellany

This afternoon at 4:00 p.m., the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra reveals artistic and financial data during an annual meeting. Check back for more on this later.

The U.S. government issued a 2007 patent for colored polymer instrument mouthpieces for brass players, and these are starting to pop up in instrument cases all over Western New York. Prices range from $21 for a trumpet mouthpiece to $32 for a tuba mouthpiece.

The Rochester Episcopal Diocese will elect a new bishop soon. Whether you’re a theist, atheist, or “apatheist” (as a friend calls himself), the new bishop will have a strong public voice in Rochester for years to come. The January 2008 edition of Living Water includes bios of all the candidates, and one actually mentions music as an important part of his life. Prince Singh of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey says that he plays the guitar and sings.

Disclaimer: I recently joined the Board of Madrigalia, so everything I write about this outstanding choral chamber group in the future will be totally biased by my enthusiastic involvement.

Click here for a beautiful sample of Madrigalia singing of Snow.