New show on WRUR!

I was camping at Watkins Glen in 2005 right after Katrina hit New Orleans. I had a little portable radio and remember hearing reports that Fats Domino was missing and, later, that he was OK. That same weekend I heard American Routes for the first time, on WEOS out of Geneva.

Our friend Nat Hentoff had this to say about the show: "In the history of American radio, no series has come close to Nick Spitzer's American Routes in exploring the many streams of this nation's music."

Those streams include blues and jazz, gospel and soul, old-time country and rockabilly, Cajun and zydeco, Tejano and Latin, roots rock and pop, and more. You can now hear the show every Saturday at 6pm on WRUR 88.5 FM.



You're friends with Nat Hentoff?

Having listened to American Routes for the first time this week in it's debut, it's a much needed addition to radio in Rochester. For fans of roots, Americanna, real country, there is nothing like it.

American Routes will also help fill the void left with David Carter's departure. David hosted American Remains each Thursday on WRUR from noon to 2. His many listeners can find some similar musical choices and connections each Saturday at 6 pm on 88.5.


I think everybody is friends with Nat Hentoff, and with David Carter, if they heard him. That whole meeting in person thing and hanging out with routine is too high a standard for friendship.