NYC with no LVB, JSB, or FJH??

You always hear us ask "what would your life be like without classical music on the radio?"  Well, New York City might be about to find out.
I hate to be a rumor-monger, but Rumor-Mongers Extraordinaire the New York Post are suggesting that WQXR in New York City may be getting sold to ESPN Radio.  The New York Times' WQXR is, right now, the only source for classical music during the middle of the day in the Big Apple, and some people are saying that with the Times' big budget woes that Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms might be getting the ax in favor of The Herd and Mike and Mike.  
Now, I am a big sports guy, and college is a still-not-too-distant memory for me, so I have nothing against ESPN and its catchphrase-spouting anchors.  But I'm also a big music and arts guy, and I think it's painful to see that New York City, one of the great Meccas of classical music, could be a Shostakovich-free zone for a large chunk of every day.
This is no membership pitch--because I don't like to be preached at when I'm just trying to waste time, er--broaden my horizons, reading blogs at work.  No, it's just an honest rhetorical question: can you really imagine life without brain-stimulating classical music available to you 24 hours a day?  8 million New Yorkers may find out.