Observation tower

Between exploring the Forbidden City and climbing the Great Wall of China, I've hardly had time to write. Wow! There's a sentence I'd never imagined typing. I'll try to fill you in after our performance at the Forbidden City Concert Hall tonight. In the meantime, my friends Carl and Mickey have a wonderfully detailed and funny blog about the trip you can read. (A reader put a link in another post.)

Here are more postcards from the Rochester Oratorio Society singers and family members.

"After six days in Beijing, what's the most unusual thing you've seen?"

"I think the park [the Temple of Heaven] was really neat because there was this Chinese woman playing an instrument and another woman came up and tried to sing. She couldn't really sing, but they were having a lot of fun anyway." - Linda

"I know! The nice silverware on Day Two that said 'Made in the USA.'" (Suzie) and "The water clock that we saw was the most interesting." (Suzie's dad, Bob)
"Oh my gosh! There are so many things! I think being served cheeseburgers from McDonald's as a snack!" - Pam
"I'm impressed by the elaborateness of the pagodas and how the patterns are repeated over and over again. They struck me as embroidered buildings." - Kathy





Thanks Brenda so much. Nothing like living vicariously. Say Hi to Liz, alto. Great picture of Kathy too.

Great pictures and loved the interview with Eric. From what he said I think ROS did themselves proud.

Bev Reynolds

Safe Travel Wishes

Hi Brenda!

We just realized you had a blog on the ROS China trip and are now following your travels and adventures. Hello to everyone from us, and travel safely.

Beth and Roger

Thanks for checking in. The

Thanks for checking in. The trip is going well.

Brenda, I'm so sorry not to

I'm so sorry not to be with you, but feel privileged to be able to see highlights of the trip as is happens. I think I've heard everything that you've recorded too. Great job! Where do you find the energy?
The time difference is so great; I hope you are able to sleep when you're supposed to.
The scenery is unbelievable...I know it's even more powerful in person. My thoughts are with you all a lot.
Give my love to Maryellen.
Keep up the great singing!

Hi, Debbie Loo! I'm sorry

Hi, Debbie Loo! I'm sorry you're not here. We have seen azure-winged magpies all over the place. They're like pigeons, poking around in the garbage and calling "kwee" from the trees. Large magpies fly around, too, and Steve Rosenfeld has a picture of a mystery bird that no one can figure out. Harry Helwig ID'd a crested myna bird sitting on a flag pole at the Hong Kong airport, and I got a brief look at a Eurasian Hoopoe. I will tell Maryellen you said hi. All the best to you. I hope everything is well.