OK, I'll quit being so serious all the time

If any orchestra wants to play this on their next season, I'll arrange it for them.  RPO, I'm looking at you.

So we're neck-deep in the recession by now.  Everyone's mad about the bonuses the folks at AIG et al are getting.  I've let the economy get to me, too, and it's resulted in far too many serious blog posts.  Even Barack Obama seems to be emitting a little less hope these days.  But, Springy weather, Bach's birthday this weekend, and March Madness have lifted my spirits considerably.  I was feeling a little better, and then I ran across this:


This brief video sent shockwaves of energy and hope through my system.  I mean, the opening was enough to get my attention, but the glorious sheen of the lights off of the violinist's pearly shins practically tripled my body's vitamin-D levels.  It's official: I'm out of my recession slump, and my brain is working once again on incredibly stupid ideas that will jump-start classical music in America.

Everyone's so worried about cuts to arts funding, but this fellow's on to something.  Go ahead and play the classics, but at the end of the show, give us a little disco.  We won't tell, we promise.  And we'll support your orchestra even more if all the gentlemen wear black socks, shorts, and sandals during the performance of this piece.  It's what the Swedes do, and their economy's better than ours, right?  I'm ready to launch with this business model.

Who's with me?