Olympic glory

The most conspicuous performer at the Olympics probably couldn’t run a mile without stopping. The twenty-six year-old Chinese piano star Lang Lang has been prepping for his part in the Games for three years. He played this morning from Beijing on the Today show. And he’ll pop up tomorrow night during the Games’ opening ceremony.

You'll find an interesting, lengthy profile of Lang by David Remnick in this week’s New Yorker. (I’d link it for you, but the August 4th edition isn’t available yet on-line. Your public library probably has a copy, though.)

An estimated ten billion eyeballs will be glued to Lang Lang during the show Friday night. What will he perform? “It's a fair bet that he will play the crowd-pleasing 'Yellow River Concerto'” reports Variety magazine. “Given the global platform of the Olympics, his perf is likely to be anything but understated.”



LL Sprints

In high school, my brother was among the fastest sprinters in his senior class. I hope you'll amend your post to reflect the fact that he COULD run a mile, and vely fast, too.

Dear Lang Chiang,

Thanks for your comment. Other readers may correctly guess that you're pulling my leg. Be assured that Lang Lang is an only child, and knowing your real identity (not Lang Lang's so-called brother), I hereby challenge you in a race around the block. ;)