The orchestra enters the 21st Century

The Berlin Philharmonic's Digital Concert Hall is probably the coolest and most ingenious thing I've seen to disseminate Classical Music in my lifetime.  I fail to find a negative aspect to this new launch.  For about $13 a concert, you can watch the Berlin Phil live, or have any concert available for two days to view as often as you like.  Or for about $200 you can subscribe to the whole season, which includes documentaries, educational programs, artist profiles, and of course every concert.  Plus, it's all filmed in high-definition and with digital sound.
Click here to check it out!
It's like the MET at the Movies, but in your own home in your pajamas.  My question is: when will more orchestras and even smaller ensembles get on board with this?  As an avid Hulu user and admitted addict to free online streaming, I would gladly pay $200 for a year's worth of Berlin Philharmonic on my computer.  I'd pay for other groups, too--if they were available.