Paris, a moveable feast

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the Eiffel Tower will be reshaped, altering the skyline of Paris. In time for the structure's 120th anniversary next year, builders will add a bigger viewing platform so more people at one time can go up and look around. The new platform will be attached with a design similar to the way that an aircraft's wings are attached to the fuselage.



fast times

You realize this means they'll have a fast food joint up there by next year.

*le sigh*


The question is, will they serve les French fries? French toast?

*le double sigh*

Shameless Plug

I was busy yesterday planning out Mystery Train for this week. With the new season in mind, I'm including Billie Holiday's version of April in Paris, followed by Joni Mitchell's In France They Kiss on Main Street. The Joni tune even mentions raising Jesus from the dead, so it really all fell together, theme-wise. Tune in to 88.5FM Wednesday at 6pm or Saturday at 10pm.

that is SO shameless