Preview of my musical journey to Germany next week!

From August 3 to 7, I'll be in Germany with my brass quintet (The Emerald Brass) attending a brass festival in this lovely house:
Haus MarteauHaus Marteau 
Yes indeedy: I'll be a traveling minstrel bringing brass music to the Franconian Forest in the German countryside!  I'm really hoping there's an Internet connection I can use there (it's very rural apparently...) so I can share with you our adventures!  These adventures are likely to include: playing trombone, practicing in a forest, driving on the Autobahn in a Peugeot, and making sure Germans still know how to make beer (fear not: you can trust five brass players to investigate that last point to the most minute detail).
If there's no reliable Internet, I'll give a recap when I'm back on air on August 10.  Until then, check out what Swedish people do with all their free time when the sun goes away in the Winter: