Program changes on Sunday evenings

Classical 91.5 is making a change in the scheduled program line-up on Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m. for the first three weeks of June 2009. 
On May 31st, we broadcast the first episode of a four-part mini-series entitled Wordless Music.  Unfortunately, the program was not at all what it was promoted to be, and listeners, as well as me, as Program Director, were shocked at the content.  Therefore, beginning this Sunday, June 7th at 6:00 p.m. we will be brining you concerts from the summer series Music from Chautauqua.  These programs will air for three weeks and will be followed by the Live from Wigmore Hall chamber music series as previously scheduled.
My apologies to all for a disappointing program that was misrepresented by the distributor.


Sunday program changes

Dear Ruth,
(By way of introduction, I will be a HS junior in the fall, and I am privileged to be an organ/theory student at ECMS, a piano student of Jean Nash, and the organist at my church. I believe I met you once at the Pipedreams Live! concert at Christ Episcopal? I start the day with Brenda and end at night with the Classical 24 broadcasts and I am so glad that we have such a wonderful radio station here in Rochester. I listen while I study, while I do the dishes, in the car, when I mow the lawn, pretty much anywhere there's a radio or a walkman within earshot. I don't even have need for an iPod. I tell my friends, "Sure, you can get a few thousand songs on your player, but WXXI has over 45,000 selections in their library, and it's totally free.")

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for removing the Wordless Music program from the playlist. I too was rather shocked that someone would even attempt to make a positive comparison between their pop/rock music and the immortal works that WXXI plays. We are all better off with it gone. If anyone complains, they should go listen to WCMF or WPXY.

I had two questions that I wanted to ask:
1) Does the shift in the programming mean that With Heart and Voice will be airing only on Sunday mornings and not in the 7PM slot? I was busy this Sunday and didn't get a chance to hear the evening programming.

2) Could I respectfully suggest possibly moving Hearts of Space and Echoes to WRUR 88.5 or AM 1370? I would imagine that I'm not the only classical music lover who would rather hear Brahms or Dvorak when I retire for the night as opposed to glass harmonicas and gongs. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent work. Classical 91.5 is bar-none the best station in the country.

Kindest regards,
Philip Fillion

Sunday Program Changes

Thank you for your wonderful comments.  It is so good to hear from a young person who values classical music.  You, and others like you, are the future of public classical radio stations like WXXI-FM 91.5. 
Regarding With Heart & Voice -- it will continue at 7 p.m. as usual.  I also appreciate your suggestions regarding Hearts of Space and Echoes.   Unfortunately the AM 1370 signal is not good for music.  Although not all classical music lovers (like you) enjoy these programs, there is a significant amount of crossover in our audience that does enjoy these programs, and they generally attract younger listeners to our station where they may become acquainted with classical music. 
Keep listening...and inviting your friends to join us.


Thank you very much, Ruth. I never considered HoS and Echoes in that light before and now I can see their practicality. I often tell my friends about WXXI and several have become members of the listening family.
Have a good day,