Reading Rainbow & Kids Who Write Are Bright Contests

Are you a teacher or parent looking for an interesting writing/research project for your 4th-12th grader?  Do you have a child or class that enjoys writing and illustrating stories?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then WXXI has the contest for you!

The WXXI Kids Who Write are Bright essay contest is open for all students in grades 4-12 to write a 500 or fewer word essay (see below for rules & entry form).  Entries will respond to the writing prompt "Of all the parks in America, the one I'd like to visit most is ____________ because _____________________"  Visit the National Parks Website to research the many wonderful parks in the USA and to get ideas for essays.  Prizes will be awarded in 3 grade categories:  grades 4-5, grades 6-8 and grades 9-12.

2009 is the 15th year for the Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustratrors Contest!  This is a contest for all children in kindergarten through third grade who like to write and illustrate stories.  Reading Rainbow encourages kids to share the stories that they create through words and pictures and all children that enter the contest receive a Reading Rainbow Certificate of Achievement plus a chance to win local and national prizes!

So, if you have the winter blues and blahs and are looking for something interesting to do with your students or children, have them pick up a pencil, pen or crayon and enter the Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest or WXXI's Kids Who Write are Bright Essay Contest!  Good luck!

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