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Tony GuarinoTony Guarino
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Tony Guarino

Thank you Ron Guarino for sending me this link. Uncle Tony was married to my Aunt Marie (my Father's Sister). Both are now deceased. I remember as a child watching Uncle Tony when he came to our house he would sit down and begin to play song after song on our old upright piano. He always told my Mother and Dad that we needed to have the piano tuned. The only reason we even had a piano is that it was given to us and several of us wanted to take lessons. We were a family of 14 kids so when Uncle Tony and Aunt Marie showed up with their 8 kids we had such a great time together. It is wonderful that Uncle Tony at the age of 81 is so active and productive. I think this is fabulous that his music is being shared so others can enjoy his music as his immediate family has for years.

Congratulations to you Uncle Tony


Uncle Tony Guarino

I am Tony's niece. My Mother, Antoinette (Toni)was his sister, and also inherited the genes for music from their Mother, Rose (Mannino) Guarino. It was passed down to the next generation and down to the one after that. Uncle Tony, you are truly a great composer. I remember too, as a little girl in Rochester, the way you'd play the piano by ear. I'd peek around the corner and watch you in your own world. It was magical, and a sign of a most creative, sensitive MAN. Noni would be proud!
Keep it up! I'm passing your interview on. Hoping to see you soon. Maybe for some harmonizing, like the "old days?" Love you, Marianne
Syracuse, NY