Repellent for.....Teens?

Today I stumbled across an article entitled High-Pitched Device Serves as Teen Repellent. Prior to reading the article, I honestly thought that it was either a) cleverly titled to attract attention but not exactly about repelling teens or b) an article about a device with some other role that teens- for some reason- don't care for. I was wrong on both counts.

After reading the article and watching the video clip that accompanied it, I was compelled to discuss "teen repellent" with some of my coworkers and peers, and to do a little more research. Kids Be Gone: Exclusive North American distributors of the Mosquito is the homepage for the company that sells the teen repellent. It was interesting to read the marketing approach from the makers/sellers of the Mosquito (the teen repelling product). It was also quite thought provoking to read about and watch how this product is being used in Australia, England and Scotland and, that it has been banned in a few U.S. cities.

I have thoughts on both sides of the fence regarding this device- I can see where it might be useful but can also see how it might be used in an inappropriate manner. So I would like to hear what you- as a parent, educator, business owner or teen- think of the Mosquito. Would you ever purchase one? Do you think that the device infringes upon the civil liberties of teens? Is this product necessary? Let me know what you think!