RPO diagnostic

How do ticket sales and attendance figures for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra compare with those of other orchestras? Find out at this link:


On the topic of classical music at the Flipside Bar, cellist Diego Garcia described his experience playing in the chamber group Quartsemble in this beautiful way:

“When Quartsemble plays at the Flipside, there is no published program. We loosely plan several sets, but we might change based on the mood of the audience, and we may even take a request or two. I love the fact that I can play chamber music for an audience I can interact with. These performances have a level of intimacy, intensity, and friendliness which is unique. The audience is free to be emotional with us as we play. Clapping in between movements is welcome, yelling Bravo after someone plays a virtuosic lick is ok.
In contrast, I love the silence and suspense as we begin to perform in a concert hall. I love a space that has an acoustic which is a blank canvas for us to paint with sound. I love that the audience has come because they can’t wait to hear a piece of music they already know, and they want to hear us recreate the sounds that they love.”

You’ll find the rest of Garcia’s comment and another from Karine Stone, the violinist and Executive Director of Quartsemble, down the page under “the classical flipside.”

One more random thing: tomorrow night, Ossia plays in Kilbourn Hall. Free. Potentially head-spinning.