Sightseeing in Beijing

Today, we were tourists. We passed through the Forbidden City, the imperial palace of 9,999 rooms. We ascended the steps of the Temple of Heaven. Kites fluttered overhead. Azure-winged magpies shrieked from cypress trees. Hazy sun shone all day. Some of us are pink and peeling. One singer sank into a wheelchair, exhausted.

I heard varied reactions to walking through Tiananmen Square, the world's largest public square and the site of a 1989 student demonstration that ended badly. An ROS alto described it as "cold" and "impersonal." A bass said it made him uneasy. Another person said it made her think of visiting Nurenberg, the site of post-WWII political trials.

Alto Katie McNally took a lot of pictures. "I can't believe we're here!" she beamed, looking at Chairman Mao's picture. "I worked for two years on the (trip) committee and I can't believe we're finally

My dad got his lost luggage back. I'm pretty tired. I think that when I fall asleep, I'll dream in shades of scarlet, imperial yellow, and royal blue.

Tomorrow night, we'll sing.



Greetings from ROS homefront

Hi Brenda,

I am excited to have found your blog site and will be able to hear updates on your adventures in China. The photos have been terrific and it makes me feel a part of your trip. Be safe and have a wonderful experience. Good luck on your concert tonight. Love to you and all my ROS friends, Jo Ann

Hi, Jo Ann

So nice to hear from you! I'll pass on your greetings!

Following your trip

Thank you for taking the time to post your notes and all the photos so those of us not with you can follow your trip. I'll be checking in every day. Say hi to my alto sister Mary Schultz.

Julie Peterson
La Salle, Illiniois

Hi, Julie,

Thanks for reading. I'll tell Mary you said 'hi.'

Hi Brenda T; Look for sun protection

Hi Brenda,

Dave Boyer again. Love your reporting. In Asia, the sun can beat down on someone just walking around pretty fierce. When I go to Japan, I try and buy a 'sun umbrella'. It actually makes me feel better keeping the sun off my head and face. They are light and fold up and are easy to carry. Try to find out where they are sold. Everyone has to feel fresh to be in good voice tomorrow. And please invite your Chinese contacts to take a look at and search ROS and China. I'd love to have more Chinese people see the video. One has already, I noticed! Take care ~~ David B.

thanks for the tip

Several singers have bought umbrellas for sun protection. They come in the most beautiful colors, with lace, glitter, and delicate trim.


Hi Brenda
I hope your all having a wonderful time. Stay healthy and happy
sing well, And say hello to all my fellow singers.
Love to all