I got a box of old records from a friend recently. Thought I’d share this one. Maybe someone remembers the Passport Lounge?

Here are the notes from the back, as they appear…

Conviction is one of JACKIE JOCKO’S strongest suits, as anyone who has met him can testify.

His is a new dimension of sincerity projected in songs. Jackie means what he sings and each of his songs tells a new story with an original approach.

Jackie favors “Standards”. Named rightly so for “Long Life” that befits a song of merit. Jackie Jocko’s acceptance is evidenced by his “repeat” engagements that include such notable clubs as: Harold’s, Reno, Nevada; The Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada; Sportsman, Costa Mesa, California; Playboy, Chicago, Miami; The Virginian, Cleveland, Ohio; Continental Plaza, Chicago; Passport, Rochester, N.Y.; Chase Hotel, St. Louis.

Since Jackie’s entrance into the professional field, he has been accompanied by Joe Peters at the Drums. Jackie’s every mood musically is registered with Joe and the blend between Jackie’s voice and piano and Joe’s drums is evidenced by the audience acceptance from Coast to Coast.

Recording people like Jocko because his great voice coupled by his superb musicianship saves much time at his recording sessions. Many “first” takes are sufficient at Jackie’s record sessions.


Combine Jackie Jocko’s voice, his piano, plus his interpretive phrasing, his diction and way of reading a lyric and he adds up to “SINGSATIONAL”.

-         Henry George

Our name “Passport” is the fulfillment of a dream to serve Western New York the finest of foods in a pleasant world wide atmosphere in this day of travel and ultra-communication. The name is taken from that of “Passport”, which Webster defines as… ‘permission to travel’… ‘opens the way’… and surely we open the way to fine service and food, and we permit you to travel into a world of enchanting atmosphere and décor of which you will find have been brought in from the far corners of the world. Imported chipped marble from romantic Italy, beaded curtains from troubled Saigon, draperies from Sweden, Japanese and Turkish fabrics, floor coverings from Rumania, curios from Poland, Africa and Canada, artificial plants and shrubberies from mysterious Hong Kong, glasses and goblets from Mexico, specialties from Brazil, Western Germany and Peru, beverages from the Polynesian South Seas, France, Spain, Ireland, Israeli, Londontown, and Russia, yes even Russia!! All tied in your world here by original oil painted travel posters, to make your dining room your visible world and your stay so much more intriguing and comfortable. Our staff is fully equipped with years of experience in the food business. Marketing, preparation and service is done with the greatest pride and care to make your visit a complete success. Our menu is your passport of national and international varieties. Yes, food is our business, and we are proud of it, and proud to serve you, our treasured guest. For you, our customers, are the finest people we know. When your evening here is terminated, we hope you leave us with regret and return with anticipation to travel with us again.

Your host,

Ben Manning

So there you have it, a blast from the past, although I couldn’t find a date anywhere on the LP. I did find Jackie’s official blog, though. Apparently he’s still at it, playing at the Hyatt in Buffalo.