Stephane Shakes the Big Tent

Stephane Wrembel Trio plus One at the Rochester International Jazz Fest

Stephane Wrembel brought his distinctive blend of Django Reinhardt guitar, world folk and rhythm to the Big Tent at the Rochester International Jazz Fest Monday (6-13-11)

sketch by Scott Regan

Born in Paris, raised in the rich landscapes where Impressionists first painted, Stephane Wrembel blends many influences with his Django Reinhardt guitar stylings. The greatest influence seems to be his own dedication to the music.

The band includes bass, rhythm guitar and deft hand percussion on an odd creation of assembled objects. Players who, on their own play rock, jam band, straight jazz, collectively drive the Django sound created by Mr. Wrembel.

It's the guitar that takes center stage, though. Fluid swells of precisely punctuated notes. Contagious rhythms of gypsy folk music. You may not have known you liked the music, or had even heard it before, but you'll find yourself drawn into it like a forgotten dream.

The sense of place and movement Stephane Wrembel brings to his music has caught the ear of many in the arts, including filmmaker Woody Allen. Wrembel, already having had a song included in an earlier Woody Allen's film, was contacted again to write a song to for his lastest, "Midnight In Paris".

As it turns out the song became the theme woven through the second half of the movie. Look for it in theaters soon. We were fortunate to get a preview on Monday. 

The song stands on it's own. Rave on, Stephane

See and hear Stephane during his visit to our studio.