The Best of Marcel Marceau (and other online oddities)

There’s a long weird Tom Waits promo piece here that you may enjoy. He was interviewed by Tom Waits. When Tom asked himself about the most curious record in his collection, he described one called The Best of Marcel Marceau. "It had forty minutes of silence followed by applause and it sold really well. I like to put it on for company. It really bothers me, though, when people talk through it."

Tom's company might prefer a recent performance by classical violinist Hillary Hahn and folk-rocker Josh Ritter. It's an interesting collaboration, and there's an accompanying article and interview snippets about what each artist learned from the other. Just one little corner of NPR's great music site.

And if you wish you'd kept your old Cody Matherson LP, or your copy of "The Many Facets of Roger," you can see them again, along with more bizarre album covers here.