Two songs, one about a radish

Composer Cary Ratcliff has graciously given me permission to post two songs for you from his new CD, “Kathryn Lewek Sings the Music of Cary Ratcliff.”

Click below to hear “Travel” and “The Radish.”

Click here to see my article about Cary in this week’s City newspaper.

Cary Ratcliff's CD release party is this Sunday, June 22nd at 7:30 p.m. He'll play with soprano Kathryn Lewek, mezzo-soprano Allyn Van Dusen, and oboist Richard Killmer at the Pittsford Presbyterian Church, 25 Church St. Free. Exquisite.

Cary Ractliff (Track 13).mp31.22 MB
Cary Ractliff (Track 11).mp31.25 MB



Hi Brenda!

Thanks for posting these songs! It was fun to listen to them online! Cary and I had our last rehearsal today in preparation for our concert on Sunday evening and we are looking forward to performing!!!

-Kathryn Lewek

You're welcome, Kathryn

Best of luck to you and your husband as you move to Connecticut. A lot of fans in Rochester will be following your career.