Volunteering for Fun and Profit

This entry is for those readers who may not be a WXXI volunteer, have read the information about volunteering on the WXXI web site, but still need to a little push before you rush off to send in that volunteer application.

Yes, it is true that volunteers have fun while we are performing our various duties. Whether it is answering telephones, stuffing envelopes, greeting visitors at one of our many events or guiding a tour through our beautiful facilities.

It would take just a quick visit to WXXI during a TV or Radio drive to see how congenial the volunteers really are. You would see 10 or more of us answering the ever-ringing telephones with a smile and helping each other out when needed. We laugh so much at times that we have been asked to tone it down a bit by the staff as we can be heard over the air.

Take a group of 15 or more Cub Scouts on a facilities tour and when it is over, you will have laughs to share with the other volunteers and the staff. Some of the questions we get asked are very hard to answer with a straight face and we do get a chance to chuckle at them later.

So volunteering at WXXI is fun. Where's the Profit?

Well there is no cash changing hands, but you will profit from what you learn about your station, WXXI.
On your first tour you will hear yourself saying many times; “I had no idea....”
You will find that there are many WXXI benefits and services offered to your community that you had no idea were available. This newfound knowledge that WXXI is not just your local PBS or NPR station, but serves the community as an educator, a booster of local musical talent and is the place to go to for Arts and Culture in the Rochester area is knowledge that you and your family will use from then on. I call that a profitable volunteer experience

So, don't put it off, download the volunteer application form from the volunteer portion of the WXXI website, http://wxxi.org/support/volunteers/volunteerform.html , fill it out and mail it to us. We will call you and make an appointment to meet with you.

See you at WXXI.