Welcome to The First Volunteer Blog Entry

Thanks to all the staff at WXXI for agreeing to let me set up this volunteer blog. This blog will have many purposes, the main one being to inform all of our volunteers about upcoming events, what volunteer jobs we need to fill and general news regarding our volunteer family.

I really mean "family" because if you were at the Volunteer Recognition Dinner last night, it felt like family. Lots of kind words from the WXXI staff and plenty of remarks from the volunteers about how wonderful an evening it was.

Our thanks to Judy Cutaia and all of the Pink Ladies, who worked so hard to treat us so well.

The new volunteer meeting, relaxing and work area is now about 80% set up on the fifth floor, right across from the auction area. We have 2 desks, 2 tables, some chairs and other assorted office equipment. We are awaiting our computers, telephone and a few amenities to make the area a complete and inviting area for the volunteers to congregate, work and rest up. We need some small things like a coffeemaker and an electric teapot so if any of you have a spare, please bring them in.

Later in the year we will have a special spot on the interactive portion of the WXXI website that will allow us to interact with the volunteers through the website. This means that we can post the event staff's volunteer needs for drives and other projects with the time slots that are needed to be filled. The volunteer will be able to click on the slot they would like to apply for and the request will be forwarded to the events staff. This will alleviate a lot of the telephone calling that goes on before drives. But, this will require the volunteers to be checking the website on a regular basis. We will have more on this upcoming communications breakthrough as we get closer to the activation of the interactive portion of the WXXI website.

Keep checking this blog for further news and announcements and thanks for being there when we need you.