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In this first entry, it is the night before going to Austin for the South by Southwest Festival. At this point we have only a rough idea of which of the 1,700 bands to try to see. It all begins tomorrow, Wednesday, afternoon with the Conqueroo Showcase at Mother Egan's on 6th Street. Afternoon showcases are sponsored by recording companies and promoters to feature the artist they represent. Very relaxed settings...

Tomorrow night the fun begins.

Steve Piper guitarist - radio host!Steve Piper guitarist - radio host!
Thanks to Steve Piper for hosting this week's show. Steve is an excellent guitarist who can be seen accompanying many artists in town, also with Watkins and the Rapiers and the Crandalls. He is at his best, though, doing his originals solo on guitar in a quiet listening room.

While I'm wandering the streets of Austin Wednesday night, everyone in Rochester has the great chance to see Margaret Explosion at the Little Theatre Cafe, 7:30 to 9:30.

I'll be checking back each day to enter glimpses of the scene in Austin. Let me know what you think!

Say hi to the Margaret Explosion for me, and check out The Refrigerator, their unparalleled, multidimensional virtual space at:

Paul Dodd, painterly drumsPaul Dodd, painterly drums Ken Frank, BassKen Frank, BassBob Martin, guitarBob Martin, guitarPeggy Fournier, clarinetPeggy Fournier, clarinet



Deep in the heart of Texas

I think it was good that you brought along your own IT expert! HAHA! Hope it is fabulous! Steve is doing very well. Can't wait to hear all about it! Koko...Tell Sue we miss her, too!!

Band to SEE

I just want to make a suggestion of a band to definently check out while at SXSW: O'Death
Check them out at www.myspace.com/odeath
One of the guys (gabe darling) grew up in rochester. You won't be dissapointed if you get a chance to catch them.
They will also be coming to Rochester April 1st.

I would recommend that you

I would recommend that you try to check out the Felice Bros. They are somewhat Rapieresque.

Big Daddy Watkins

Hey Big Daddy! The Felice

Hey Big Daddy!
The Felice Brothers escaped me. I almost caught them the first night, but time ran out- much to my regret. Great cd, though. Have to be content with the recorded version for now.

I had my eye out for O

I had my eye out for O Death, unfortunately it didtn't work out this time. You say they will be coming to Rochester?

feelin' not so orange

You missed a humiliating basketball experience yesterday. Have fun and start posting!


Sorry to see the orangemen lost. Oh well, saves us the pain.

He'll get posting -- and I asked Katy to post her reviews too -- but I refused to sit in the hotel while he posted to the blog instead of going out to see music! As it was we were working on 5 hours of sleep most nights! Great fun!

open tunings

I was honored to be able to fill in for Scott on Open Tunings--it was great to be part of a community who value sincere and heartfelt musical expression. Thanks to him for his devotion and hard work!

Steve, great job. It's very

Steve, great job. It's very much appreciated.