What Style of Parent Are You?

I subscribe to multiple newsletters and educational organizations in an effort to try and keep up in regards to what is going on in the educational world. My inbox today held an interesting article regarding parenting styles titled Parenting Styles and Adolescents.

I encourage you, even if you don't have children, to read the above article. To summarize, the study took an in-depth look at how parents of adolescents chose to set boundaries and enforce expectations for their children. Parents fell into four categories: Authoritative Parents, Authoritarian Parents, Permissive Parents and Uninvolved Parents.

While the labels of "Permissive" and "Uninvolved" parents are fairly self-explanitory, "Authoritative" and "Authoritarian" are similar in title but not so similar by definition. In essence, Authoritarian parents are "warm and firm" which encourages independence while maintaining boundaries. Authoritative parents are highly controlling and operate with the "because I said so" mantra.

Yes, this is a bit heavy for a blog but there is a purpose for my focus on this article. What kind of teacher, parent, co-worker or person are you in relation to these 4 parenting types? As I read the article, I saw myself as different types in the various aspects of my life and it caused me to stop and think. Are we using the best approaches possible for the children that we work with and raise? Are we setting good examples for kids in the ways that we treat our co-workers and friends? I encourage you to discover what parenting/teaching style is the best fit for you and the children that you have and see if adjusting your "style" can help make your household or classroom a more peaceful and productive place.

Happy reading and have a wonderful week!

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