What's Your Favorite PBS Kids Show?

As a parent, educator or anyone who is around kids, you've probably been subjected (willingly or reluctantly) to many hours of children's television and/or videos. Someone recently asked me, "What is your favorite children's show on WXXI?" and I honestly couldn't answer with just one show because I enjoy so many kid's shows that we air.

This question did get me thinking about my favorite PBS kids shows as well as why I enjoy the ones that I consider my favorites. So here is my personal top 5 list with why I enjoy each one (in no particular order):

Sesame Street-Tried and true but hip and fresh, Sesame Street certainly deserves a place at the top of my list. What I love about Sesame Street is that it really is funny! Segments like Rhyme Scene Investigation and Meal or No Meal are hilarious to adults while being educational and entertaining for the little ones. In addition to the show, Sesame Street online has a wealth of games, activities and video clips that are great.

WordWorld-A world made up of words hardly sounds like a novel concept, but that's exactly what WordWorld is- a world created of words. Based on a series of toys, WordWorld's plot revolves around letters and making words and the characters are flat out lovable. One of my favorite episodes involves Ant, who is tired of being small so he adds a "gi" to the beginning of his name to become a "giAnt"- too cute.

Curious George- Everybody loves a mischievous monkey and Curious George is no exception. Unlike the Curious George from when we were kids, this Curious George's wanderings and mishaps focus on inquiry based learning and not just stumbling into trouble. Science and math concepts are introduced from George's adventures paired with short segments of real kids who apply what George has learned. Math and science for youngsters has never been so fun!

WordGirl- A heroine who fights crime with the power of her vocabulary? Stupendous! Marvelous! Ingenious! WordGirl is creative, fun and clever and she makes having a gigantic cache of words at her disposal seem like the coolest trait ever. Silly villains' plans are foiled while WordGirl teaches kids and adults alike that have the right word at the right time can be priceless.

Super Why!- Super readers to the rescue! I'm a 32-year-old adult and I want to visit Storybook Village. Seriously. Where else can you visit all of your favorite fairy tale characters, help them solve their problems and learn about reading and teamwork at the same time? Super Why! appeals to kids' love of super heroes, a good story and helping others while teaching the concepts of spelling, the alphabet, words and reading. Who knew that learning to read could be this much fun.

Now that you've heard about my favorite PBS Kid's shows, I'd like to hear about your favorites! Which shows do you and your kids love and why??