Who let the dogs out?

If you walk your dog in Toronto’s Jean Sibelius Square, take a leash.

As of January 1st, unleashed dogs were officially banned from the park named for the famous Scandinavian composer, Jean Sibelius. The centrally located park lies near Bathurst and Dupont streets.

Dogs’ rights aside, the park underscores the incredible popularity of Sibelius, who lived from 1865-1957. I can’t think of a composer alive today so universally revered. I’ve been reading about Jean Sibelius, and my appreciation for his music is moving beyond “Finlandia” worship. He loved nature, birds, and drinking. He was a homebody, full of self-doubt, despite his fame.

The Toronto park named in his honor hosts a lot of young families with kids. Dog owners like it, too, so much so that the new leash law is already under fire. Last month, a member of Toronto's People, Dogs and Parks Committee said she received notice that a group called the Annex Dog Owner's Association will launch an appeal against the new leash law.

Free, free, set them free!



'Dogs rights"

'Dogs rights"

hahahaha ah hahahahahaha

that's funny, brenda

And about the "free free..." thing, are you referring to the people around the park who can use it now without stepping in shi*^ every two steps or getting threatened by a group of dogs who's owners keep them locked in a house or apartment all day?