Yesterday's Memory Today

downchild bluesdownchild bluesWord was out The Downchild Blues Band had inspired the creation of a well know blues act featured on Saturday Night Live, and later of hollywood fame. The Blues Brothers eventually had enough credibility to share the screen with the likes of Aretha Franklin and Cab Calloway.

I'm not sure Downchild ever got billing with the stars, but they did make it to High Fidelity for the jazz fest this year, and it was actually a lot of fun.

downchild bluesdownchild bluesI saw the early show. It was impossible not to compare the REAL blues brothers with the real BLUES BROTHERS. At times it got a bit confusing, the music was pretty similar, though less mainstream.

The main thing for me, The Downchild Blues Band was having a good time with it. That's all the similarities needed. I grew to appreciate the Blues Brothers movie in a rainy Saturday afternoon kind of way. So I had to thank The Downchild Blues Band for that inspiration. We did that by showing up and having a good time at their show.

Thanks, Downchild.downchild bluesdownchild blues

It made me want to visit Chicago and get the real thing, though. I hear there is a big blues festival there each summer. I wonder if they have much jazz at it.

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