The Ying Quartet is in the house!

This is a big year for the Ying Quartet.  Tomorrow, they take part in the grand unveiling of the newly-refurbished Narzareth Arts Center, accompanying a new work by Garth Fagan Dance.  In October, they begin the complete Beethoven cycle, and Frank Huang gives his premier faculty Kilbourn Hall recital in November.  Today, the Ying Quartet return to Studio E, with a new line-up and a new sound. 
The Ying Quartet are no strangers to our airwaves, but things have changed since their last appearance. Tim Ying left for more northern climes, and Frank Huang stepped in to take the first violin chair. Gone is the Sibling Storyline.  Now, it's all about the new incarnation of one of America's most vibrant string quartets.  I really enjoy time with the Yings--they are personable, relevant, and funny while making music that challenges boundaries and touches souls.  Today's Backstage Pass promises to be both familiar and all great performances should be.