The YouTube Symphony!

Snoring cat videos meet 21st-century classical music meet...Michael Tilson Thomas!  It's official: the YouTube Symphony has landed:
And they sound pretty good.
I cannot think of a cooler idea than the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.  And trust me, I've tried.  Concertmasters descending from above rather than offstage?  Actual penguin suits instead of tuxedos?  Resurrecting the rotten veggy toss for lousy performances?  The Facebook Oratorio?  All amazing ideas (that you heard here first) that will someday soon have their time to shine, but none as cool as the YTSO.  
Seriously: an open cattle-call audition that spanned the globe, allowing anyone and everyone to audition (without the serious drag of sitting around in holding rooms to see if you've advanced to the next round), and voted on by a worldwide jury of their video-sharing peers?  That is cool.  And even better, as you can hear above, the final product is certainly listenable for a long period of time.
So I'll practice and submit for the next one.  Until then, I'm currently accepting libretti for the Facebook Oratorio.