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Better blogging tools for our bloggers


Our bloggers are getting some new tools to be able to include images more easily into their blog posts.  This is just a test post to make sure the system is working well.  

Why is there a "second" search?

For those who may be curious about how search works on our site, here is a brief explanation:
Portions of our site are hosted using an older technology.  We're working to convert as much of our site as possible over to a newer technology, but it takes time.  Meanwhile some of the pages of our site are able to be found using Google Search technology.

A Change of Color

We've applied a bit of a color change to the site. Hope you like it. It's closer to the color scheme of the new site design that is still on the way.

Sample Blog Post about Nova

There's nothing here about Nova. This is a test blog post, but if you'd like to know more about Nova, we recommend that you visit

Our "secret" podcasts e-mail address?

Testing something here. Here's an email address that we use with our podcasts that we normally wouldn't want to post online in the clear. We'd like to hide it so that the spam doesn't come pouring in. reCAPTCHA Mailhide is supposed to take care of this for us, now. The e-mail address is: [email protected]. Notice the ... in the middle of the address, you can click that to reveal the address... That is, if you're human! See my other post: to learn more about this.

News Aggregator under testing

We're testing the "news aggregator" feature of the site with our own WXXI News feeds. It's open for anyone to check out, just click the "News aggregator" link under Featured Content on the left-hand side of the page. It contains nearly all articles in our WXXI Public Newsroom in a single reverse-chronological list. Click any story for the full version.

Facebook is not evil!

Even though one of our bloggers might have some doubts... :-) some of us are leaning the other way.

WXXI's Interactive Services team is exploring a variety of social media and social networking tools including Facebook! If you're on Facebook, you can become a fan of WXXI here: WXXI Public Broadcasting on Facebook

Many New Adjustments

We are making many new adjustments to the site. As a result something that may have worked one way before could start to work differently. If you run into any unusual problems that surprise you, please use our Contact page and let us know or add a Comment directly to this post.

What would you like to see on WXXI blogs?

With four new blogs on (besides this one), we're launching into some very interesting new territory. As we continue to get more interactive blogs launched, we'd like you to tell us your ideas, too!

What kinds of topics would you like to see discussed in more depth? Who would you most like to see writing and interacting here on the new/future WXXI website?

Use the comments on this post to tell us what you think. You can sign up for an account first if you'd like, but at this time, you don't need to.


First things first.

Hello there! My name is Andrew Wheeland, and I'm WXXI's Director of Interactive Services. My job here at the station is to help propel WXXI into the interactive future. Last summer, we brought a whole new look to, but there's much more coming.