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The Electric Company

Hey you guuuyyyyyys!!!  The Electric Company is back! 


Waste Not, Want Not

In listening to NPR this morning, a story out of  St. Louis, MO, really caught my attention.  Cobbler's Business Steps Up During Thrifty Times featured small business owner Jeff Lipson of Cobblestone Shoe Repair and shared how he is busier than ever due to people repairing their shoes that are damaged or worn out rather than automatically buying new shoes. 


Rewarding Behavior

 In reading my newest issue of Young Children Magazine (published by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, or NAEYC) and today’s Democrat & Chronicle, two articles that touched upon the concepts of rewards and punishments in the classroom caught my attention.


Polling Places

In my opinion, elementary and middle schools should not be used as polling places.  


Sid & Martha on WXXI

Have you checked out the newest programming for kids on WXXI?  Joining an already stellar line up of children's programming, Sid the Science Kid and Martha Speaks are quickly becoming favorites with young viewers (and adults too!). 


National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Do you know the facts about lead poisoning? 


What You Do & What You Don't Do

When trying to settle on a blog topic, I normally try to focus on positive aspects or stories about education, parenting and kids.  Often, my topic is  influenced by current events, political activity that affects children or my own personal experiences.  Today's blog was inspired by a quote that I encountered while reading a news article: "Today is a good day for the children, because this jury said loud and clearly that parents have a duty. ... It's not just what you do; it's what you don't do."


Nebraska's Safe Haven Law

Slipping in to the headlines amidst stories about the economy and the upcoming election is coverage about Nebraska’s controversial Safe Haven Law.


Questions for the Candidates

Family Fun at WXXI

Looking for something fun, fabulous and free to do with the whole family this weekend? Look no further!! WXXI's 50th Anniversary Open House is this Saturday, September 27th from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.!

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